Symbiosis mycorrhiza fungi

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Mycorrhiza with added Rhizo bacteria

What is mycorrhiza and what can they do for us ?

Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic fungi that will develop when a root comes in contact with the mycoorhiza spore, the mycorrhiza takes care of the contact between roots and soil and with this suplying the plant with needed nutrients and water. In nature there is more then 95 % of the plant life depending on the symbiosis between plant roots and mycorrhizae's. The capacity of the uptake from the roots can be enhanced with 600% and because of this the plant will have less stress and protection against soil diseases.

Mycorrhiza the best help in your garden

Mycorrhiza lives in a symbiotic relationship with the plant roots what means they will both have benefits from this collaboration. Because of photosynthesis the plant makes sugars as a rest product and will secrete sugar in the soil that will feed soil life and mycorrhiza fungi. Mycorrhiza will produce microscopic fine hairs that will reach every corner from the soil were root hairs can not come and because the mycorrhiza fungi is in contact with the root hairs there will be a optimal uptake from nutrients and water.. Because of this colonisation of mycorrhiza the plant will have a more stable soil environment so roots and plant can perform better.

Why are mycorrhiza's important ?

A strong balance between roots and soil life is very important for the growth and flowering of plants, a healthy soil will give healthy plants and a better water uptake. Mycorrhizae's and soil bacteria will take care of a effective functioning soil life that will take care of the uptake of nutrients so your plant can focus itself on producing healthy fruits. Bio-sannie Symbiosis will inoculate the right Mycorrhiza's so a strong and healthy colonisation can take place.

Mycorrhiza wortel omgeving met en zonder mycorrhizae

Composition Symbiosis mycorrhiza

With 15 years of experience working with Mycorrhiza's we have selected the perfect mycorrhiza strains that can be used with our plants, this combination of mycorrhiza spores will make sure you will get a fast and effective colonisation. Mycorrhiza spores will be active as soon they come in contact with roots, this is why the spores have to be mixed through the soil to get colonisations on several spots in your soil. This is also called mycorrhizosphere.

Symbiosis has the right amount of spores to get the fastest results, less spores will delay the colonisation with weeks. When applied on just transplanted young plants the symbiosis can take place in 2 weeks, this means a big time advantage and makes sure your plants will grow healthy and fast.

We only sell mycorrhiza spores and not mycorrhiza propagules ( root fragments ) to ensure you get the best quality available. Propagules are not suitable for soil and should be used only on hydroponic set ups, because they can be solved in water and used while watering plants. Soil works like a sieve and will let the propagules stay on the top layer of the soil. Propagules can be sold as very concentrated but it only means the root fragments are cutted some times more what gives a higher propagule count.

Application and dosage

Bio-sannie are joined forces to develop the best possible mixture of mycorrhiza fungus that will work on 80% of the plant species and will colonize the roots of the plant. By using strong concentrated mycorrhiza spores we have developed a fast working mycorrhiza inoculant.

Symbiosis is a granulate that is used as a carrier for the mycorrhiza spores, this granulate should be mixed thru your soil to be sure there will be as many contacts between the roots and the spores as possible, We advise to use around a gram to stick on the roots or put the gram in the plant hole and use the other 4 gram to mix thru the soil

To make sure your seedling or clones have the best possible start we also included specially selected Rhizo bacteria, that will offer the seedlings or clones the perfect healthy start.

Analyze Symbiosis:

93 Endo Mycorrhiza spores / gram

  • Glomus intradadices
  • Glomus clarum
  • Entrophospora colombiana
  • Glomus sp
  • Glomus geosporum
  • Glomus mosseae
  • Glomus etunicatum
  • Glomus mosseae

Rhizo bacteriƫn :

  • Bacillus subtiles
  • Paenibacillus azotofixans
  • Bacillus pumilus
  • Bacillus polymixa
  • Bacillus megatrium
  • Bacillus lichenifmis

seaweed extract. maltodextrine, humic acids, yeast extract, formononetine (0,01%), clay

For the best results use together with : Sannie's bacto, buffertablets, yucca and perfect start

Verstehst good Produkt.
ultimate myco....cannot be beaten
I was getting some spongepots to finally solve my extreme Damping Off problems, decided to get some of this too... And it was a great choice :) Mixed it up with soaked up CoCo and let it sit in a large box for a week, then used it. Once transplanted, the plants soon looked much healthier than usual, no shock from the transplant, and FAST growth! And the rootgrowth has been EXPLOSIVE :D Greeeat stuff once again!
best "rootdrug" there is.
When growing organic style you have to use this product and experience you can't grow without this
Absolute top notch product with high amount of spores, I can not live without anymore.
A must have product for sure !
I sprouted 10 Heribei without the fungi and accidentally fried 2 of them. I germinated 2 more and used the fungi in the soil and those 2 sprouts took off and passed all the other sprouts that were about 5 days ahead. Awesome product sannie.
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