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Supersilverhaze X The One. Sugarpunch trichome macro picture

• Strong explosive growth

• High THC percentage

• Suitable for medical use

Benefits of Sugarpunch

Sugarpunch is a Hybrid which is exceptional in growth strength and potency, flowers that are covered with trichomes and thc will provide a deep strong high and a solid stoned effect. Because of the strength of the sugar punch, she is very suitable to use as a medicinal strain. The THC percentage of around 25% makes this variety one of the most powerful hybrids on the market. However, above all it’s the taste and smell what makes this strain unique, strong sweet and berry dominant scent with touches of diesel (nycd) .

Why choose Sugarpunch seeds

Sometimes a feminized cross is an advantage for a breeder, such as the Sugar Punch. In this cross, the advantages of both parents come into their own very well and reinforce each other's plus points such as taste strength and this bundled in a sugar covered layer of crystals on your buds.

Super silver haze is an elite clone which we have been using for a long time with excellent results, sweet taste and covered with crystals. The one is a self-selected super plant that originated from Blueberry Sativa and NYCD / C99 parents. Both parents are known for their power and taste and it was therefore not surprising that the Sugar Punch seeds also have these qualities and often on superlative levels.

Since both parents are elite clones it is not possible to create this crossing any other way and that’s how we can guarantee that Sugarpunch is available exclusively in Sanniesshop.

How the Sugarpunch strain originated

In 2006 Sannieseeds worked together for a longer period of time and shared genetics with Motarebel. Motarebel is an American breeder who, due to his medical problems, started growing plants that help him improve his condition. In 2006, Sannie got a small amount of seeds from the cross: Blueberry sativa X kila queen / NYCD also called SMM (Sannie meets Motarebel). From these seeds a selection was made until two plants remained: The One and Blueberry indica. The One is a plant that has all the characteristics of an ideal Hybrid, strong smell and taste with an enormously strong effect of both high and stoned. We came up with the idea to cross this plant with our Supersilverhaze clone which turned out to be a perfect match for The One.

And there you have it: Sugarpunch seeds were a fact, made by Knutsel and Sannie

Flowering and growth of the Sugarpunch

Sugarpunch is a strong growing plant with many sativa properties during the growing period, so that not many plants are needed to fill your space. After changing the light period, the Sugarpunch can grow 3-4 times its’ length, when the plant has grown at least 5 internodes (also called storeys).

With a flowering period of around 8-9 weeks, she is a hybrid that performs a lot in the growth and flowering period. The Sugar Punch does not need a lot of plants to fill a space and when an experienced grower sets the Sugar Punch, no growth period can be a possibility, this is also called the 12/12 method. Then place about 9 plants on 1m2. For the less experienced growers it’s better to stick to the schedule below.

Yield and harvest of Sugarpunch

Sugarpunch is a great yielder and ensures a very respectable weight on the scale after drying. By using the benefits of the sativa side, Sugarpunch knows how to achieve a high weight product in just 9 weeks. Sugarpunch strain has proven to be able to realize a gram per watt and more. For example: at 1 square meter with 600 watts and 9 Sugarpunch plants you can harvest 600 grams of finished product when the cultivation is successful. It should be mentioned that we and our customers also had higher yields, provided growing on soil with a living soil environment.

Trichomes covered buds

In this hybrid, predominantly green plants can be found, but there are also colored plants. Sugar punch has become a phenomenon due to the smell / taste and potency and belongs to one of the best reviewed species in the world.

An absolute must for fans of tasteful weed with a powerful effect

Medicinal properties of Sugarpunch

Due to the high THC percentage and its’ strong effect, Sugarpunch is extremely suitable to use as a medicinal strain, Sugarpunch will reduce pain and provide a calming effect when stress is present. Due to the strength of the Sugarpunch, we recommend starting with small amounts and slowly increasing it until accustomed to the effect. This strain is not for the sensitive stoners among us and can give too strong a reaction to some users.

Medicinal applications:

  • Dizziness
  • Pain
  • Hunger

Scent and taste of the Sugarpunch

Taste and smell is where our Sugarpunch excels and one should be advised that the smell of the sugarpunch requires a good carbon filter. This strong scent returns in the taste and creates a throat tingling oily feeling that only occurs with sativas and sativa dominant hybrids. So a relatively fast flowering plant with the characteristics of a longer flowering plant. This weed will blow every stoner friend away in amazement.

  • Fruity
  • Flower
  • Sweet
  • Diesel
  • Blueberry

Sugarpunch with fruity, flower, diesel and blueberry smell and taste

Seed Features

CBD % :
  • low
Medical :
  • ADD / ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Sexual
  • Stress
Plant height :
  • High
Taste and smell :
  • Blueberry
  • Flowers
  • Fruity
  • Lemon / Citrus
  • Sour / Grape
  • Diesel
THC % :
  • High
Flowering Time :
  • 9 weeks
  • 10 weeks
Harvest per m2 :
  • up to 600 grams
Type cannabis plant :
  • Feminized seeds
Packaging :
  • 5 seeds
Here in Amsterdam we love Sannie's stuff, but especially his Sugar Punch. Seriously potent, a heavy yielder and great taste/smell. An absolute winner in all regards. Thanks again Sannie!
Ok...I grew this two grows back and had to take her at week 8 because of leaving town. Well, when I didn't think much of it since I harvested before it was supposed to. So one day on work break I came home and smoked some of it thinking it was gonna be mild because of the week I took it. Well, let's just say I went back to work blazed....Am I'm a smoker. Can't wait to finish her like she should be. Class A stuff man.
I totally agree with the name given. What I got was an extremely frosted plant with gorgeous colorized buds. The high is a serious narcotic stone. Beautiful jewel like buds. Good yield.

Really Awesome.
I just finished my third run from seed. This time 3/5 turned purple, as my night temps got low for the last month.
I kept all five phenos and am growing them out from clone. Each pheno is slightly different but all are as frosty as it gets and sugary sweet. Lots of grape.
The potency is off the charts. I don't have anything stronger around here and I have access to almost everything in California.
It's a very heavy feeder in my garden. I only use water in my grows and Sugar Punch prefers some extra compost or manure in the mix, otherwise I get some yellow leaves.
This is in my top three strains, and one of three keeper strains out of everything I've grown. A bonus for me is that it's from a boutique breeder (love the underdog) with great prices, and who is active in his forum.
My favorite weed.... She smell the candy and her effect is perfect.

THX Sanny's
Perfect hybrid, loved by all. You cant go wrong with this one. vigorous, stable and tasty. what more can one want. DONT MISS OUT!
All the reviews have it nailed. This is my new favorite weed! Wow, the smells and taste are just incredible. The haze on the exhale and fruity on intake - off to heavenly bliss. A must have for Sativa and haze lovers. I am a huge C99 fan, but this has her beat hand down.
Yield is very nice for the three i had. Once was more fluffy akin to a Pineapple variety of C99 if you know the plant, with more of haze smell. Another was really nice fat buds and has the best fruity smell I have grown!
Sugar Punch is the PERFECT name for it - is shines like I have never seen before either - and there is indeed a NICE Punch! Very high flower to leaf ratio!! I am going to go SCROG next time and have LST'd my last ones due to some bud rot I had in one of these. The last of mine is finishing and she is even more fluffy - smells wonderful again.
I really do think I have an all time new personal favorite. I like to share the fruits of my labor with my friends, but I am going to bogart most of this crop ;-)

To those of you out there that were curious or on the fence for this one - as I was - it is every bit as incredible as reviews are saying. Buy it before it sells out again!

I love everything I have grown from Sannies shop - and that is good number - and you really have outdone yourself on this beauty Sannie!
Amazing plant, my personal favorite. Diesel smell, sweet taste, super high! Easy to grow, short flowering period: 8 weeks flowering, 9 weeks 12/12. The buds aren't huge, but covered in crystals (and lots of it).
For outdoor: starts flowering late, begin september, but will be ready before october 31.
One of my favorite strains. Covered in sugar and taste and smells sweet from start to end
I can't tell you enough how AMAZING this plant is! She is a little stretchy when you switch to flower about 70%. I flowered her under 1000w and she was 19 in when switched to flower but I pulled 3.9 oz's off one plant and it she has jumped into my top 5 plants of all time for yeild and potency!

I would get S/P or my other fav Herculies! Love Sannies gear!
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