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Shack X Supersilverhaze. Shackzilla cannabis trichome close up

  • Full sativa high
  • Perfect SCROG plant
  • High yield

Benefits of Shackzilla

This is the entry model for the grower who wants to start growing sativa dominant plants, learning how to deal with great growth potential and longer flowering periods to achieve a good harvest. However, it is often exaggerated how difficult Sativas can be, which is certainly not the case. Longer flowering times ensure heavier harvests. The Sativa effects and effect is unparalleled by any Indica dominate plant and there is a reason that there are so many Sativa lovers, including Sannie himself.

Why choose Shackzilla

Shackzilla is a forgiving plant that can withstand unexperienced handling and therefore suitable for beginning growers. But this strain is also very popular among the experienced growers because of its’ typical haze taste and smell combined with high yield and ready to flower in 11 weeks. There’s a reason she is in our top 5 of best-selling varieties. The stability of the plants makes Shackzilla suitable for use in larger formats with a small amount of pheno types, in other words they all resemble each other.

How Shackzilla originated

The first type that Sannie sold was the Sannie's Jack in 2006 followed by the Shack (Shiva X Sannie's Jack) and for years we sold these strains as regular seed. We used the Shack to cross with our SuperSilverHaze for more potency and higher THC content. Since both parents are relatively stable strains, the plants that come from them all look alike, Small differences aside since every seed of course is its’ own individual.

Created by Knutsel and Sannie

Flowering and growth Shackzilla

Due to the higher Sativa percentage in the Shackzilla, these plants have enormous growth potential which should be taken into account. The plants like to be tipped, have their lower branches removed or to be tied up in a net also called SCROG, they can easily be tied to a net so that any height deficit is caught.

The flowering period is around 11 weeks and those 11 weeks are utilized to produce massive large buds. When, depending on the hours of light, the plant gets the signal that it is time to bloom the Shackzilla will grow for at least 4-5 weeks before the first buds become visible. This also depends on the pot size that is used for the plant, the larger the pot the longer the growth period.

Harvest Shackzilla

In Holland the Shackzilla is very popular because of the simplicity to obtain high yields and therefore perfect for commercial purposes (provided there is a license) to achieve a predictable heavy harvest. The best coffee shops in Amsterdam already have this type on their menu. A heavy harvest is great but the quality of the Shackzilla is astounding, a true Sativa high with soft haze taste and effect, an enjoyable smoke!

Potency Shackzilla strain

The SuperSilverHaze has ensured that the flowers have a high THC content and are covered with trichomes. The strong high effect of smoking is due to both carefully selected parents that are also bursting with potency. A strong growth potential and a vigorous bloom of the buds that make you think they will never stop swelling

Medicinal properties of Shackzilla

The effect of Shackzilla is solid and the High takes you to different realms with a touch of stoned. Yet she keeps you sharp and relaxed and as a more experienced blower you will still be able to maintain your everyday things, but she is also nice for the evening hours. Because of its relaxed characteristics, she is very suitable to use as a soothing medication or for stress relief. Shackzilla is in the mind and can bring it peace when necessary.

Medicinal applications

  • Anxiety
  • Appetite
  • Stress

Smell and taste of the Shackzilla

The taste and smell of the Shackzilla is lemon haze with some spicy undertones. Due to the input of the haze and sativa genetics, the taste is soft to the throat but firmly in effect. These properties can only be found in Sativa dominant hybrids or Sativas.

  • Lemon / Citrus
  • Haze
  • Spice

Shackzilla taste pallet from haze to spicy smells

Seed Features

CBD % :
  • low
Medical :
  • ADD / ADHD
  • Anorexia
  • Arthritis
  • Epilepsy
  • Hypertension
  • Sexual
  • Muscle spasmes
Plant height :
  • High
Taste and smell :
  • Haze
  • Lemon / Citrus
  • Spicy
THC % :
  • Medium
Flowering Time :
  • 10 weeks
  • 11 weeks
Harvest per m2 :
  • more than 600 grams
Type cannabis plant :
  • Beginner seeds
  • Feminized seeds
  • Sativa seeds
Packaging :
  • 5 seeds
Wow...just wow...This plant is killer, i love her
Massieve cola's onder en dat onder ''slechts'' en Gavita 250 watt IR. Zeer potent soortje met ik denk echt huge ass buds onder een Gavita 600 IR
Some Phenos are very hazy and some are like oranges.
We growed 10 plants and all where great A+++
Big yielder and real deal haze smoke
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