Scrog Growing

SCROG - An effective method to grow big plants in a small space.

Scrog = Screen of Green

When a grower has limited space to grow, certain larger strains may seem prohibitive due to their size. By using the Scrog technique to make optimal use of your grow room, these once prohibitive strains can be grown with ease. Besides this, you can also predict what the height of your crop is going to be. This makes a grow much more predictable and you can use almost every strain that is for sale in Sannie's Shop. Sativa's or sativa dominant hybrid's can grow big and in limited space, they may out grow the area in both overall stature and height. This also presents the problem of inadequate light penetration, a problem Scroging fixes easily. With the Scrog technique outlined below, we will show you how to bend all the buds on to one screen so that light can penetrate the whole crop.

This tutorial shows step by step how to make full use of your SCROG training.

The following plants are at the end of their grow period (18/6 light) and at this moment we have enough plant growth to switch the clock to 12/12 so we can start flowering. Notice we start the screen just above the canopy right at the end of the grow cycle. We can do this because this sativa will grow for another 3-4 weeks after switching the clock. It is typical for most plants to go through a stretching period after the light cycle change, usually 2-4 weeks depending on the strain. As you can see the first shoots are coming thru the screen and its time to bend these shoots on to the screen. Note, you can use allot of different material for the screen, chicken wire, trellis netting, mesh fencing, mason twine, pretty much any material with a 2" x 2" to 6" x 6" hole pattern works well.

You need some type of material to hold the bent shoots on the screen. We are using the follow clips to bend them but tie straps, zip ties, velcro straps even twine all work well:

As you can see in the photo's, every shoot that passes through the screen is bound to the screen with the clips to be sure we get a nice and flat screen of buds...

As long as the plant keeps stretching, you need to bind the shoots on to the screen. Remember, the length of time a strain stretches is dependant on the strain. The idea is to create a nice even canopy. Here they are in the beginning of there flowering period:

Now that the plant has stopped growing, she can put all her energy into making flowers and has ample light where she needs it

The plants are near the end of there flowering cycle and almost ready for harvest. As you can see, there's a screen full of buds. This method is easier to control compared to plants grown utilizing the SOG (sea of green) method in limited space. You will maximize the use and effectiveness of your lighting equipment and increase your harvest when using the Scrog method.

It is easy to make a Scrog and and even easier to use once you have it set-up. Most people find this method easier than a standard set up or SOG method because of the canopy and height control inherent to this method. Give it a try, we're sure you will love your new Scrog!

greetz sannie


Ik wil scroggen eens proberen.
Je begint met je uitleg bij de bloei...
"aan het eind van de groei..."

maar hoe lang moet je minimaal groeien?
anders weet ik niet wanneer te beginnen :p
I suggest using this method with Pure Kush seeds [ 20% thc,700+grams outdoor.
More info:
I suggest using this method with Pure Kush seeds [ 20% thc,700+grams outdoor.
More info:
hi everyone just wondering do you take the clips off
ti-rip werkt ook hoor ipv die dingen
just wondering what everyones top 3 strains from sannies are for scrog having trouble deciding what strain to go for on a first time scrog thanks for any help
Thank you Sannie! I purchased Jorge Cervantes 3DVD grow videos and there was nothing on how to SCROG. Your description made it all come together. I think the Killing Fields quantities would sure be impressive using the SCROG method. Plus that DEEEP purple pheno would be beautiful.
what he said. been bending outdoor for some time, same as it ever was. but Sannie does make it so much easier to explain. Sweet work Sannie. great way to git started with. your yields will make it all the difference.thanx to share. D.K.
Hey Primopup,
I found the clips on Amazon! They are called "Twine Clips Mega 25 mm Terracotta, pack of 100 for I think $5 US, hope that helps. Also they are sold by HydroToYou.
What are those clips that you are using called? I cannot find them anywhere?
Excellent post, can't wait to SCROG my next grow.
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