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Sannie's Jack F9. Sannies jack macro photo from trichome

  • Large buds
  • High THC %
  • The ultimate high experience

Benefits of Sanniesjack Regular

The Sannie's Jack is the dream plant of every sativa lover and Haze fanatics, full and heavy buds that have few leaves. For a sativa she has compact buds, feels heavy and is literally covered with crystals. The longer flowering time of around 13 weeks allows the buds to swell at the end of flowering and to fill with "meat", this is also the period where the most weight is realized. The smoke inhales softly but is full of flavor and aromas, yet it is the high effect of this stabilized jacket that most growers are after. The high sets in quickly, increasingly becomes heavier in the stages to follow and will last for 3-4 hours.

Why choose Sannie's Jack seeds

You decide on Sanniesjack if you are a fan of the strong sativa high that these plants give, the immense growth potential and heavy harvest which can also be a huge advantage. Sannie's jack offers long contiguous tops which put weight in the scales easily, so you are guaranteed to be able to enjoy for a long period of time. This stabilized Jack Herer is the ultimate pleasure for growers who love extremes in terms of elaboration, harvest and humongous plants.

How did Sannie's Jack originate

In 1998 Sannie laid hands on the first Jack seeds, From which arose mainly sativa dominant plants that grew between 11 and 14 weeks, beautiful plants with a high degree of potency, and it soon became clear that we had something very special here. After thorough selection, we found a suitable female to use in a larger set up which met our high standards. This turned out to be the famous bulls’ eye because we had yet to see a strain with so many advantages. Sannie is a huge Sativa / Hybrid lover and it’s therefore not surprising that the long-flowering qualities needed to be preserved to maintain that perfect high and taste. Afraid of losing genetics, there has been a special selection to find a suitable male for our female and the Sannie's jack seeds were born. Although I created the seeds to preserve the bomb of genetics, we also started using the seeds and tried to stabilize genetics step by step. After a number of years, we had a strain that we were proud of and more and more often we received requests from fellow breeders use these seeds. In 2006 we decided to put the seeds on the market due to the of high demand and sanniesshop was a fact.

Created by Knutsel and Sannie.

Growth and flowering Sanniesjack regular

The Sanniesjack has a high growth potential and therefore requires not too long of a growth period, more often no growth periods at all are used and the plants being put on 12/12 light hours from birth. The sativa DNA ensures that the plants take their time to grow independently of the light hours. Seed plants and in particular sativa seed plants, first explore their root system by the size of the pot and decide on this whether they will start producing flowering hormones.

Very useful seeing that you will be able to save weeks of growth with this way of growing. Please note that during the growth phase nothing can go wrong since you are unable to decide to continue to grow just a little longer because the flowering hormones are already effective.

When the first flowering phenomena show up, things will proceed rapidly and the interwoven internodes (branches) will quickly grow dense with delicious Haze buds. The flowering lasts from

the first flowering phenomena between 11 and 13 weeks to fully bloom into massive buds. The flowering period of a sativa dominant hybrid such as the Sanniesjack goes in stages of rapid bud development until you feel like the bloom has stopped, do not worry and do not act on this because this is the period that the buds, which still largely consist of water, are going to fill up with meat and this makes the weight since the water eventually will evaporate. After this supposed stop, the plants go into an extra internode flowering stage where you will see them grow bud on bud on bud until you finally feel that they are going to explode!

Harvest Sanniesjack

When the overall plant looks finished and approximately 80% of the pistols (hairs) have colored from white to brown, the plant appears to be ready to harvest. However, we also advise you to take a magnifying glass and double check whether the trichomes (resinous beads on a stalk) have changed from transparent to milky amber. Only then you will know for sure that it's time to cut them. We advise to hang plants in its entirety to achieve a drying period of at least 2 weeks (but preferably a little longer), this will benefit the taste and throat feeling!

Monster buds: not just for the experienced grower

The general idea that sativa dominant plants are difficult to grow is a misconception, the total period of growth and flowering takes a bit longer and you have to make sure that you, as a grower, have to stay sharp for a longer period of time but that is exactly what you will be rewarded for in the end. This special strain with amazing effects should be tried by every cannabis lover at least once.

Medicinal properties of Sannies jack

Because of the strong energetic high, Sanniesjack is very suitable to reboot your brain and to get things sorted out and view everything in a different perspective, this also makes it highly suited to get creative. For Sannie, there is no better kind while photographing or writing texts. The high is strong and will gradually become stronger as a steamroller, do not be alarmed!

Medicinal applications

  • Nausea
  • Stress
  • ADD / ADHD

Smell and taste of Sanniesjack

The taste but especially the mouth and throat feeling can only be reached by plants that have to bloom for more than 11 weeks, this time is needed to get the cannabinoid profile in order. The real Haze (catpiss) scent is present combined with fresh lemon / citrus and spicy undertones.

  • Lemon / Citrus
  • Spicy
  • haze

sanniesjack for the ultimate haze experience taste pallet from haze to spicy lemon

Seed Features

CBD % :
  • low
Medical :
  • ADD / ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Glaucoma
  • Nausea
  • Sexual
  • Muscle spasmes
Plant height :
  • High
Taste and smell :
  • Haze
  • Lemon / Citrus
  • Spicy
THC % :
  • High
Flowering Time :
  • 11 weeks
  • 12 weeks
  • 13 weeks
Harvest per m2 :
  • more than 600 grams
Type cannabis plant :
  • Sativa seeds
  • Regular seeds
Packaging :
  • 10 seeds
Sannie Jack grow really nice, from 20 seeds: 15 female and only one male, on beginning I start to think what I got feminise seeds, but not.
Plants really uniform, find only 3 phenos.
Thanks U Sannie
There will likely always be a place in my garden for my favorite Sannie's Jack girl. The smoke is top shelf with a nice strong haze influenced effect. It's uplifting, euphoric and long lasting with relatively clean come down. In low doses it makes for pretty decent day time medicine but its not as clear headed as some sativas and its potency must be respected or you can end up overdoing it. The aroma is moderately strong and quite complex and pleasant. It's hard to describe but it has a sort of musty old leather and peanut oil smell with woody notes and lime peel fruity overtones. It seems to work quite nicely for depression and sometimes even takes the edge out of migraines. Good for socializing and doing activities like hiking or gardening.

Depending on pheno the yield ranges between above average and very impressive. My keeper has a broad bushy structure with many branches very reminiscent of old school skunk. Stretch is medium for a sativa, about 2.5X. The buds were surprisingly dense and numerous. It is rare to find a plant that yields so well and still has top shelf bud. Usually you tend to get one or the other. Both of my phenos finished in under 11 weeks which is much faster than anticipated. I will have to crack some more of these seeds and look for a nice 13 or 14 week pheno. All in all, very nice genetics.
Tried the F7 together wit KF F3. And after Run 2 we are so impressed. Jack made 8 females out of 9 regular beans. That is impressive tho, but everything else about this strain is also.
Extraordinary smell, taste and yield. Really outstanding.
Found 2 Phenos and slide variations of it, but with drifting terpene profiles. Everything between spicy lemon haze and grape fuel is in there. The sativa pheno is crystal clear up high, real strong. The more indy pheno makes ma also stoned.

Thank u Sannie and Crew!

We Luv your Gear and Service!
Best thing about this bud? It's the old school, 70's, happy gas pot we used to smoke, that is so hard to come by these days since the Kush invasion. Buds look like they are dipped in crystal, fingers are covered in resin after rolling one, and just amazing old school vibe this pot.

I grew 12/12 from seed, and tallest plant was 40 inches. Sannie has bred the quirkiness out of the Sensi Jack. I've grown both, and the germination patterns(slow) are very similar, as is the finished product. It's like growing out 100 Sensi Jack's to find the best one, OR, you could just grow Sannies and have every plant be the best. Very uniform all the way around, way to go Sannie!
Sannie my man ive grown multiple jack Herer strains but have yet to find the keeper that few of us ever truly find.I must say that you have done the EMPEROR PROUD.My oh my what a smoke.thank you for all of your hard work.
6 days door to door shipping Sannie. Great job! I can't wait to get these sativas under the 12/12 sun. I will do a report in your log. Thanks man.
A fantastic plant, a very good price for this fine smoke. I had some doubts, but not anymore :-)
Better than all the big name brands, the best Jack you will come across, I have grown them all. Sannies is better priced with a better quality.
Nice job sannie! Your jack is fat and what taste!! on 10 seeds I've seen 2 phénotype for 7 female
The high is clearer on the sativa phéno than on the compact phéno.
I prefer the taller jack but the deeper tast is on the compact one it's more hashy/earthy than hazy but powerfull too!
Thx mate for your work!! you work like a smoker not like a business man so your work is good for us!!
Milde roker stevige high, terwijl je nog net over straat kan.
Mn favoriet
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