Payment info

Sannie's Shop has 2 payment options:

Cash in a envelope

Create a account in sanniesshop and order the products that are needed, when finishing the order choose cash in enveloppe as payment option. Print the order or use another piece of paper and put the money inside along with the order number. A simple envelope with the content as mentioned above will do the trick and will take between the 5-15 business days to pass thru.

Send cash and ordernumber to:

Sannie Bio

PO Box 18

1540 AA Koog aan de zaan


Don't forget to put in the order number along with the payment !

Bit Coin

It is possible to pay in sanniesshop with bit coins :

Create a account in sanniesshop and order the products that are needed, when finishing the order choose Bit coin as payment option. When the Bitcoin payment is done please shoot Sanniesshop a email (info@sanniesshop) with order number and the amount and date of transferred bitcoins.

Sanniesshop Bitcoin address: 3GdjwpKFGSxqvfZY3pvREwArmXnPPqR91v

United States

When paying with Bit coins the order can be shipped within 1-2 days after placing the order

Placing an order with us, is done in no time. You can order and pay online.

How do I order at Sanniesshop ?

You can order in 4 easy steps:

1. Select your products

First, look for the product you want to buy. Use the big green button to put it in your digital shopping cart. You continue shopping or complete your order.

2. Select delivery

Select how you want to receive your product. We offer several shipping options.

    3. Log In

    Do you have an account? If you login to your Sanniesshop account, you can order much faster.

    No account yet? You can also order without an account, but we will need your information. It'll be done in a jiffy, just fill out your information. We recommend you make an account, so you can see your orders and returns in one place, pay more easily, and view your shopping cart anywhere. Thankfully, it's very easy.

    4. Check and pay

    Select one of our payment options

    Check, check, double check. You will receive an overview. Is everything correct?

    Pay. You're gonna have to.


    Thanks. That's all for now. Your order is placed, all you need to do is wait .

No western Union transfers !


We don't accept Money orders or cheques.