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Hashplant / Double Strawberry Diesel X Killingfields

• Easy plant during growth and flowering. Motherlode trichome with colours

• High THC content

• Strong smell and taste

Benefits of the Motherlode

Motherlode has a very high THC content of 26% or even higher and is very suitable for medicinal use. Easy to grow and becomes less tall than the average hybrid and therefore very suitable to use in not so high growing areas. The combination of parents has created a very complex effect and smell, strong high as well as an indisputable stoned. The taste is so good that you will likely smoke more than intended which also causes a stronger effect, so consider yourself warned!

Why choose Motherlode seeds

Mother Lode is a true hybrid that dangles beautifully in between all extremes and also carries all the characteristics of these extremes with it. A beautiful variety of different pheno types ranging from predominantly green to pink / light purple. This variation is also reflected in the smell and especially its power, strong diesel influences and heavy grape scents alternate in the plants. There are colored plants that are softer in smell with strong fruity characteristics but also with a diesel / grape-like undertone. Difficult to describe and can be called very complex, which is precisely what makes this strain so unique. You will have to experience this for yourself once you have flowered and consumed this strain.

How did Motherlode originate?

Around 2016 Knutsel got the clone Hashplant X Doublestrawberrydiesel from fellow breeder NAW seeds, Knutsel was immediately impressed by the qualities of this plant and decided to strengthen the combination by crossing it with a sativa dominant hybrid Killingfields which would ensure of a more sativa-like taste and emphasize the strong diesel and grape scents better. An excellent idea since there is diesel (NYCD) and grape (Killerqueen) present in Killingfields and these will reinforce each other. The Killingfields male used is a plant of average heightwith an average flowering period but with a strong sativa taste, which is precisely what ensures the optimal taste, much like sugar in soft drinks or fat in meat.

Each and every one of the plants from this crossing turned out to be a bull's eye, breeder Knutsel was so impressed that I received a phone call saying that I had to come over and see what he had found in the motherlode, curious as I am I rushed over to see what he had discovered. Knutsel was on cloud nine and I could see why he absolutely loved this crossing and decided to create a feminized version of it right then and there.

Flowering and growth of Motherlode

Motherlode grows to an average height and reasonably wide so that fewer plants per square meter are needed to fill your space. Yet she is a fast grower and does not need lengthy growth times. The plant is easy to handle and can easily be bend and bind, although she prefers to be placed in a SOG (sea or green).

Flowering is easy and she takes 9-10 weeks to fully bloom. After converting the clock from growth to flowering, the plant can increase 2-3 times in size, depending on the pot size. There are no extra requirements or demands except that they do appreciate quality soil and will thrive on this. All in all a fairly easy plant that is also suitable for the starting hybrid grower.

Yield and harvest Motherlode

Motherlode is an average yielding species where easily 500 grams under a 600 watt lamp can be achieved. Thanks to the easy flowering and growth, a higher weight can also be accomplished. The buds are covered with resins and trichomes, its quality evident. The buds are compact and put significant weight in the scale. The Motherlode is not a high yielder but compensates for this with a huge potency and taste.

Medicinal properties of Motherlode

A high THC content of 25% and more provide a strong experience and will therefore also give rapid effect. A perfect high to relax your mind and engage in artistic pursuits. The peace that comes over you after use is very suitable for patients with ADHD and other agitation complaints. Because of the strong high effect she is also very suitable to lift the spirits and for treatment of depression and headaches.

Medicinale applications

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Stress

Smell and taste of Motherlode

The sativa properties take the smell and taste to a higher level, strong grape, diesel and fruit scents that remind of days past. No modest smelling buds but very strong in both smell and taste. The indica properties are full but are supported by sativa characteristics. This is especially reflected in the taste experience during smoking, a gentle stimulus in the throat with a lot of taste which you also find in the smell. What you smell is what you taste.

  • Grape / sour
  • Diesel
  • Fruity
Motherlode taste pallet from diesel to fruit

Seed Features

CBD % :
  • low
Medical :
  • ADD / ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Migraines
  • Stress
Plant height :
  • Medium
Taste and smell :
  • Fruity
  • Sour / Grape
  • Diesel
  • Skunk
THC % :
  • High
Flowering Time :
  • 9 weeks
  • 10 weeks
Harvest per m2 :
  • up to 500 grams
Type cannabis plant :
  • Beginner seeds
  • Feminized seeds
  • Hybride seeds
  • Outdoor seeds
Packaging :
  • 5 seeds
Became a bit bigger/taller than I expected, but very nice plants. Awesome yield!

Nice big & hard nuggets, good taste. Sweet, grape and a touch of diesel in the aftertaste.
Thanks Sannie for yet another awesome strain!
Gonna order again!
Lovly plant. Grow fast after put in flower. had mine in 11 weeks and it become some really nice sativa dominant. But after a while give tot couchloock. Perfeckt mix. A true champion like killing fields. love this plants. Sannies genetics are better than avrage offical companys. like seensi,dutch. but have one skunk#1 from seensi and one orangehill from dutch. But sannies look and smell more. Thanks Sannie for all lovly weed i smoked thanks to you and Knuttsell
I've grown this strain outside in a 20gallon tote n I've got 9oz dry from one plant very pleased
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