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The One X Sannie's Jack. Coloured cannabis trichome from Killingfields strain

  • Good yielding strain
  • Great complex taste
  • Pink to purple coloured buds

Advantages of Killingfields strain

The Killingfields is a sativa dominant hybrid that is capable of a huge growth spurt which means that the growth period should be kept short compared to other strains, which offers some time savings. The Killingfields is a plant that likes to be trained: for example, topping, fiming and scrogging is a good idea when growing this strain. The complex smell and huge yield are what makes this plant so popular with many growers.

Why choose the Killingfields regular seeds

If you are looking for something special then Killingfields regular is the strain for you, this photogenic strain produces about 50% coloured buds whose leaves remain green which gives a beautiful contrast. She is not difficult to grow but needs to be kept in check by means of bending or scrogging. Killingfields gives delicious sativa-like buds which tastes like ripe berries with a caramel undertone and flower shades, very complex.

How did Killingfields regular seeds originate?

Sannie has been working on stabilizing Sannie's Jack for over 15 years to take it to the next level. From the 3rd generation Jacks we used a father to use this as a pollinating factor for our The One lady, resulting in the Killingfields. Due to the strong sativa characteristics of the SanniesJack and the narcotic effect of The One a strain arose that is unparalleled on cannabis seeds market. For over a decade this Sativa dominant hybrid has been bred with great satisfaction and is often described on the internet and in cannabis books. Knutsel spent 10 years and a lot of effort dividing it into the 5th generation in which we are today.

Made by Knutsel and Sannie

Flowering and growth KillingFields

Because the Killingfields contains a large amount of Sativa characteristics, she also possesses a massive growth power, the strong growth ensures that only a short growth period is required yet manages to still fill the entire space. The Killingfields will continue to grow until the plant is fully rooted and the plant knows how large it can become. This growth characteristic makes for a great time profit. The Killingfields is a plant that likes to be trained, tipped and tied up to keep the height that it can reach in check.

With 10-11 weeks of flowering, she is a relatively short bloomer for a sativa dominant hybrid and yet she possesses many traits from her Sativa parents, that ensures long closed buds of significant size. Since Killingfields has an average flowering time, she is very popular with sativa lovers because she yields a lot in a relatively short time.

Harvest Killingfields

Killingfields is a strong yielder and a gram per watt or more is feasible. This species has been developed on organic soil and after years of selecting and breeding It is my experience that Killingfields performs best on soil that contains a soil life and in 10 litre or larger pots. She’s easy to cut because of the little leaves present in the buds and for optimal results we advise to dry the flowers on the branches to give it more time to dry. Slowly dried weed tastes softer and is less sharp on the throat.

Different pheno types

A pheno type means a certain type of plant of a species and in the Killingfields regular seeds we deliberately selected and crossed to realise a higher number of different pheno types. This is because the different pheno types all have special qualities which we would regret if we wouldn’t find it again. This might be a bit inconvenient with flowering but a real treat for the true cognoscente since you would be able to grow different types of plants from one pack, all with their own advantages. If you are looking for that one in a million opportunity, then Killingfields is your winner!

The Killingfields produces 50% green and 50% coloured plants, this percentage may vary per bag of seeds.

Medicinal properties of Killingfields strain

Killingfields is known for its enormous strength and provides a solid, almost trippy high. This is not a weed for the sensitive stoners among us. Due to its strong effect, it also possesses some very advantageous medicinal properties. If you are looking for a strain that will take you to another dimension and will make you feel like you are walking on clouds, Killingfields is definitely the strain you are looking for.

Medical applications

  • Appetite stimulant
  • Nausea
  • Migraines

Smell and taste Killingfields strain

The smell and taste of the Killingfields are very complex and difficult to describe. The 3 flavours indicated below are only a fraction of what can be sampled in the Killingfields. The taste after lighting up is exactly as it smells and strongly present in the smoke which is exhaled, soft and not expanding smoke which provides an oily taste in the throat and makes you crave more.

Very popular strain with the Sativa lovers

  • Haze
  • Sour / Grape
  • Cream

Taste and smell killingfields complex haze, cream and sour grape

Seed Features

CBD % :
  • low
Medical :
  • ADD / ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Stress
Plant height :
  • High
Taste and smell :
  • Blueberry
  • Cream
  • Haze
  • Sour / Grape
  • Diesel
THC % :
  • High
Flowering Time :
  • 9 weeks
  • 10 weeks
  • 11 weeks
Harvest per m2 :
  • more than 600 grams
Type cannabis plant :
  • Sativa seeds
  • Outdoor seeds
  • Regular seeds
Packaging :
  • 10 seeds
I cannot speak for the f6 because my original purchase was f3 but boy was I impressed. I originally found and kept a green pheno which I believe is a 30% chance the other 70% threw the purple color. Anyways the green pheno delivered on yield, potency and quality. She was easy to grow as well...at 77 days finished and when consumed like STRONG cup of coffee first thing in the am she had me flying! This is really get stuff done smoke. Full on energy from the first toke. Inexperienced smokers say they aren't high because there is no body to this its all very cerebral. This is a true MEDICINAL plant and I thoroughly enjoyed every experience from seed to smoke. Still have some left to pop for sometime down the road. Peace.
pink, beautiful, and sooo sweeeeeet
Uhh Weee,

second run and I (we) are in love. Have purple to pink and green phenos. the greener are more fruit bubblegum and the pinkish/blueish are more berry sweet. Grown organic the most intense smell/ funk after 20 years. Six of nine females out of regs. Super sativa high with super resin and bag appeal. Definetely Jacks terpene profile in the phenos.
One of the Best for me. Headstash!

Thank you for all Sannie and Crew.

had 2 phenos purple/2 different green ones one had indca type buds and they other had buds size off cricket balls .smoke was average but I had a bad pest problem.without they pests would a been just fine.great strain.
I'm cutting down some Killing Fields tomorrow night, and I will say it was harder to not find a keeper in that pack. I only popped 6, but got three killer ladies with varying degrees of color and berry/diesel smells. Covered in frost and gorgeous. The pheno pictured top left of the three is my favorite,in terms of apparent yield and crazy good sugar-berry-gasoline smell but I have yet to smoke 'em.

What's better than excellent? 100 percent germ rate, natch.
AMAZING strain. One of the best I've ever grown. Purple pheno is really easy to find, one of a kind smell and taste even without cure. Rock hard buds, although didn't have any luck revegging so take clones before bloom. Purple pheno had practically no stretch, indica style growth, but a full on sativa high. I didn't find a strictly green pheno yet, although the closest to being a green pheno turned purple around week 4-5. Much frostier than the purple pheno and more potent, but not to say the fully purple pheno didn't get me ripped off one hit. This will be in my garden forever. Believe the hype, it's all true.
Without a doubt on of my favorite's, world class strain, not just saying this.
I ran it with multiple other strains and this one takes the prize, the purple pheno is beautiful. The heavy sweet hash aroma will keep you begging for more. It also was very hardy, took feedings well, high temps and LST'ing. If your thinking of your next strain to run, PICK THIS,coming from a serious weed conisour.
10 out of 10 germ rate. Awesome strain!!! Amazing smoke!!!
I have tried MANY strains (currently running 32 varieties and have run PLENTY more in the past) This is by far the most beautiful plant I have ever grown. HUGE yields, fantastic smoke and lovely smell. Had all three phenos (pink, purple, and green) but unfortunately the green herm'd in my room and I cut her down - still have some seeds though, so there might be another green pheno in there :) The purple pheno I have is looking to be an 8-9 week strain - which is all the more exciting. The pink pheno looks like it will go the full 12.
Couldn't be more happy with the genetics. Everything I've grown from Sannie is top notch.
Customer for life :)
Typically sativas require a little more care and attention... not KF! Grew amazingly well, took some mid bloom abuse and still turned out great. The green pheno has been my favorite day time smoke to date and the purple pheno I spent hours on end just staring at, its such a beautiful plant! The 11wk flower turned me off for a while, but in retrospect it's totally worth it!

I've popped beans from all the 'big name' breeders, followed all the hype... but Sannie is truly a notch above the rest.
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