Regular seeds

had to update sannie has amazing customer service i had placed my order and forgot my spongepots so i immediatly emailed sannie and asked if they could charge me for the spongepots without getting hit for shipping again and very quickly recieved the response "your spongepots will be in your order" amazing
just ordered for the first time from sannie have been a loyal attitude customer till i read up on sannie, just threw down for the indica mix pack and the lavender rain freebee great deal will update upon arrival
the best!
The madshack freebies were awesome.PLEASE sell them.wonderful smoke.
Ordered Chucky's Bride. !0 days to the USA. Katsu Kush/Killing Fields freebees. All 15 seeds popped and are in dirt. 5th order from Sanniesshop and no complaints.
I just wanted to tell you how much I love your whtaeen terrier pictures, they are awesome. I also have a whtaeen and We justlove her, her name is Bella. Keep posting them .(all your picsare fantastic)
Was referred by friends in the Virgin Islands who have HIGH praise for Sannie, now I add mine!
Strains are amazing, as advertised. I refuse to buy elsewhere.
Sannie just made me a customer for life! Keep it up.
My first order took a while so I emailed sannie he fixed the problem got my seeds in less than a week my second order also less than a week to California awesome customer service, low prices, & high quality genetics new loyal customer thanks

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