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I ordered from Sannie on Thursday and received the seeds on Thursday. It could have been quicker, but due to weekend the bank payment didn't clear before Monday. Seeds arrived in immaculate condition, freebees included. All seeds I planted germinated with great vigor in just few days. Sannie also answered my emails promptly and I cannot but highly recommend his business.
Received a swift reply from Sannie to an email confirming he would include my requested freebees. Order completed on a Friday and delivered the following Wednesday, to the UK. Discreet packaging and top quality genetics as always. Thanks to everyone involved in the business.
Received order in 11 days to Michigan. Thanks Sannie.

reputation of Sannie' s shop is here, I liked the packaging LOL, hereafter I am going to be able to make a necklace of pearl....
Received my order 10 days after placing it. That alone will make me a repeat buyer. I can't wait to harvest my Caramel Candy Kush. Thanx again.
Just received first order,very impressed. Thank you for the discretion & for E-mail the day they were shipped. You are a dream come true. Thanks again,here comes another order don't know if I'll be able to stop. The freebie was great. Greg D.
placed and recieved several orders from sannie, all great genetics and all product descriptions are spot on! stop looking for that holy grail breeder, you have just found it! ive delt with many others and none compare to sannie. sannie is a straight up business man and a top shelf breeder! peace and good times, AMW
First time customer. Only heard about Sannie's through a friend who recommended this company. So made an order. Got worried after about a week, as they had not arrived. Sent about 3 emails which were promptly replied to. Then a knock on the door for me to sign. The stealth was so good it prompted another email, this was responded to and then I realised not only had I got my seeds, I had some healthy, viable freebies. Killa Queen x Blue Hammer. Customer for as long as Sannie is. Amazing service.
so yeah posting again because i know personally i read these review before ordering so here goes- Sannies hands down placed order 8 days ago counting the weekends and just recieved a knock at the door, Package, well gotta say sannie comes through my order plus free spongepots and also 5 freebee killa kush x blue hammer customer for life whats an attitude
Placed a mail order on the 11th of June, got a confirmation on the 12th. Currently waiting for the order to arrive!
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