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Fast and secure! Any strain is recommended here! Keep up the great work.
Less than a week with weekend to receive payment, 13 days back to me. No broken beans and got an unexpected suprise, a 20 pk of spongepot seed. Blue Rocket freebies weren't available by the time my payment got there so Sannie hooked me up with Killa Queen x Blue Chocolate (always great seeing what I end up with if my choice for a freebie goes out of stock... never a bad freebie). I will purchase from other banks but this place is HOME as there are no better in the business, Sannie is ethical and compassionate... I wish everyone in the scene would have been taking notes all these years. True human inspiration.

P.S. please bring back New Blue Diesel (NYCD f3 grapefuit pheno x BBI) from back in the day, straight Strawberry jam smells (both green and purple phenos).
Thank all of you for making this site and all the hard work you put into making elite genetics AFFORDABLE! And available to the public. Placed order, PAID WITH BITCOIN on the 7th, GOT BEANS TODAY (12TH) to w.c. U.S. No broken seeds, got the "Strawberry Blues", thanks to NAW and they sent my freebee of choice "Vanilla Haze", thanks to Escobar. SANNIES ROCKS, gonna order more today, love the 20% off, but 5 days in the mail w/weekend.
Ryan (Ripp Stoned), literally.
This was my third time ordering from Sannies's and everything went smoothly. I've used cash in an envelope for every order and couldn't be more pleased with the results.

I highly recommend Shackzilla for anyone looking for a highly potent, easy to grow strain. Once you grow it you'll know exactly what I mean. You just can't screw-up this plant. She's a beast and I love her :-)

Happy Holidays Sannie's,
Second Order and i am very happy. Take 3 Days to Germany!
Thanks alot Sanny and Co!
Got my Seeds after 5 Days. Only 1 Seed was crushed but thats okay. Fast shipping, nice Service. Will order again.

All of the above. 12************
Got the beans...11 days to california
Fast shipping, healthy looking beans, great communication. Thank you Sannie!
great customer svc. everything on time even with me worrying them. thanks sannies for outstanding job. being new to this was really concerned bout sending cash, everything work out. will b back
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