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Sannies is the best, for quality of product and service
Sannies has never failed me every order has arrived,all beans grew,all products work great will be ordering again and again
First timer here.. Sent cash no problems and fast shipping
Thanks Sannies for all your help and advice, your simply the best, thanks and keep up the great work in educating the nations.
ijust placed an order sending the payment in the form of cash hopefully everything goes well 1st timer with sannies i have read nothing but great reviews ps dont anyone ever order from rmss you know reefer man seeds more like rip me off man seed bank i am almost sure sannies is the one
Fast delivery now just some soil and cant wait to pop 10 schackzila 5 jack 5 hericules 5 extrema.
in a see of green under 1 x 600 w in a 120\120 tent.
wil let you know how this turnes out.
Very skeptic at first, But the great customer service that sannies has put my mind at ease very quickly, will be ordering again very very soon thanks sannies
Sannie is the best. I won't deal with anybody else.
Real fascinating and a learning experience, thanks sannie
Sannie, a friend of mine got some Mad S femz from u, they are growing amazingly, very impressed :)
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