Buffertablets 21 gram

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No more measuring PH and EC !

100 % organic slow release buffer-tablet

The buffer tablet contains the most important combination of different types of lime and the right soil bacteria to optimally buffer the lime in the soil. This tablet also contains fertilizers and nitrogen-binding and phosphate-dissolving bacteria strains.

The buffer tablet has been specially developed to buffer and partially fertilise new and existing plants for a full cycle. The tablets contain a composition of slow-release nitrogen, natural humic acids, and beneficial soil bacteria. These improve the soil and contribute to a good absorption of the fertilizers, which ensures an equable healthy growth without rinsing out the fertilizers.


The tablets are very easy to use and should be pushed about 5 cm into the soil. Each tablet has the capacity to buffer 5 liters of soil for a complete cycle. The tablets will guarantee the largest part of the nutritional requirements of your plants and the supply of extra nutrients should also be done in moderation.

The biggest problems for growers arise around the 4-5 weeks of flowering when the lime buffer of the soil has been used up by the plant. Rust spots and a stagnant plant are often the result of collapsed soil which no longer contains lime. These tablets ensure that this phase will flow smoothly and your plant will easily pass through this difficult period, resulting in a fully flowering plant with optimal flower clusters.

The tablets are ideal for the following conditions:

  • Mother plants that only need to be fed with tap water
  • pre-growth for cuttings and seedlings
  • difficult to grow plants
  • Buffering the soil during the whole growth

Buffertablets contains :

Humates and humic acids Fish meal, bone meal, blood meal, feather meal, seaweed, potassium sulfate, magnesium sulfate etc ... Various beneficial soil bacteria 1 X 21-gram tablet is sufficient for 5 liters of soil for a full cycle With a large soil container, half the quantity may be used (20 X 21 grams tabs on 1m2)

We advise to use mycorrhiza in combination with : Symbiosis mycorrhiza, sannie's bacto, yucca and perfect start

those tabs are simply amazing!

put it on 5 liters pot they do some fire work!!!!
these buffertablets work beyond great for organic growing. To me they are now a priceless part of my growing system to regulate most of soil p.h, feed beneficials, give plants extra food, and list goes on. I cannot remember another product on the market that has so many benefits. Thank you sannie for introducing a tablet that really simplifies things ten fold without sacrificing a single bit of quality. These really are the basis for every grow i do now.
These buffertablets are wondertablets, never saw more healthy plants as with buffertablets and mycorrhiza, thanks sannie
geweldig product dit!
ik gebruik de tabs icm schimmels en bacto , daarna tot week 3 bloei alleen onafgezuurd kraanwater.
succes gegarandeerd voor de beginnende en ervaren kweker

There are few products that are as consistently excellent as Sannie's Buffer tablets. It takes the guesswork out of maintaining Mother plants and really helps the bottom line.

Top-shelf recommendation!
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