NAW seeds for strong hybrid plants that can be used for medical purposes

NAW seeds

NAW Seeds is a true joint venture, Poldergrower and RhinoCbd teamed up and NAW Seeds was founded in 2010. Providing the world with-high class strains from well-known hybrids.

NAW Seeds is always looking for a different approach, using hybrids with a specific genetic background it’s a challenge to come to a point where we are satisfied with the final result. With the aim of the medicinal part of the spectrum, we try to bring back some old skool flavors and ditto power from back in the day. NAW Seeds are mostly sativa dominant which is a true joy to grow, they are best grown 100% organic to get the best out of them. We at NAW Seeds believe in the power of nature.

We create medical hybrids from hybrids.

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