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Bacto for healthy plants

Bacteria are the foundation of our soil life, along with Mycorrhiza's they ensure a healthy soil that offers resistance against stress and soil diseases. The soil life will establish optimally performing plants. Bacto can be used at every stage of the life cycle of the plant and will provide enough beneficial soil bacteria and additional Trichoderma fungi to protect young seedlings against hostile fungi.

Why use Bacto ?

More than 60% of all life on earth consists of bacteria and fungi and the largest part hereof lives in our soil. Bacto was created to inject beneficial bacteria, as well as promote bacterial life in soil. This allows plant roots to thrive in soil and the contact between roots and soil is being established by microbes. Bacto was also created to improve the soil (rhizosphere) and offers high quantities of nitrogen binding, phosphate releasing bacteria and minerals by feeding on the organic matter. This is due to the use of Streptomyces and bacillus bacteria along with trichoderma fungi. Bacto contains the natural substance myconat that stimulates mycorrhiza spores to growth when needed. The joint forces of the bacteria and mycorrhizae ensure a healthy root environment and an all-natural way of mineral uptake from the soil.

How to use

Bacto needs to be dissolved in water ideally around 20 degrees Celsius. When starting seedlings or transplanting them, the dosage is 1 gram per litre of water, which needs to be repeated after a week. After the first week a biweekly dosage from 1 gram per m2 (square meter) will suffice. By repeatedly using this product you ensure the good bacteria will prevail.

Bacto makes sure of the contact between soil and roots

How does it work ?

Soil bacteria particularly live in the top 30 cm of your soil, where they have sufficient oxygen, water and organic material to feed on. During the photosynthesis process, the roots secrete sugars on which the soil bacteria flourish. Much like a circle of life. The rhizosphere contains billions of bacteria that see to the breaking down of organic matter which will serve as nutrients for the plant. They are cleansing the soil and improve the soil structure and drainage.

Repeated use of Bacto ensures the beneficial bacteria will remain the upper hand and prevents harmful bacteria from causing any damage, which in turn will result in healthy plants. Nitrogen binding and phosphate releasing bacteria guarantee the ideal amount of nutrients. Simply put: the plant demands and the soil life will provide.

Due to all these advantages Bacto also creates an optimal rhizosphere for mycorrhiza and as a result, the Mycorrhizae will colonize faster than without the use of Bacto. Bacteria and fungi create an ideal root environment and with that more healthy plants.


  • Bascillus licheniformis
  • bacillus megaterium
  • bacillus poymyxa
  • bacillus subtilis
  • bacillus thuringiensis
  • actinomyceten:Streptomyces griseovirides
  • Trichoderma harzianum soilfungus

Sannies Bacto also contains:

  • solved humusextract from wich 17% humusacids
  • sugar(dextrose)
  • seaweed-extract(Ascophyllum nodosum)
  • Maltodextrine
  • yeast extract
  • Myconate(from clover)

Sold in:

  • 50 gram
  • 100 gram
Great product, together with buffer tablets and Mykorrhiza. I’m very happy to find products like these. The other good part is that the seeds and freebies are big and nicely dark. Definitely a favorite store to buy! Thank you guys!
this stuff is the best thing ever im from the u.k and we have plenty of stuff here but nothing comes close to this. turns dead soil into living overnight. trust me you will be thankful you bought this. i staple in my garden!
Bacto is IncrediblE, I mainly use it for germination of seeds and add a bit in early Veg when I'm trying to stimulate root growth as oppose to vertical growth. I get germination within 36hrs - 48hrs ALWAYS, its Amazing, all I see is fluffy roots. Recommend 100%
Bacto is the shit,it promotes growth and supresses disease.Think of it as a healthy addiction for the plants.P.s all plants benefit,orchids as well.
Have noticed significantly healthier roots and resistance to disease and pests. Would recommend to anyone, especially newer growers who may not realize just how important root health is to both quality of quantity of flowers. Its a must have in my garden from now on...havent found anything quite the same here in the US...not to say its not out there, but with Sannie's great prices I prefer to buy all that I can from the shop...looking forward to trying more Sannie products. Trust me, try it out and you wont regret it. Peace
very good product sannies is one of the best shops to buy from ordered item on 10/2/12 and got it today 15/2/12 cheers sannie.
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