Outdoor cannabis seeds to get healthy and strong outdoor weed


Buying outdoor weed seeds

It is important to know which seeds you use in an outdoor climate and are able to flower them off with satisfaction. Not every outdoor climate is suitable to let all cannabis plants bloom completely. This can be due to the number of light hours at your disposal or because of the climate which is not sufficient enough for all species. Therefore, here’s an overview of the strains that can be grown in a certain climate. The right choice of outdoor seeds is important to grow the best cannabis during the spring, summer and autumn.

Genetics determines good results

By using the right genetics in the right conditions, the marijuana plants can achieve optimal growth and flowering and the cannabis plants will ensure a good outdoor weed harvest without problems like fungi and / or bud rot. The seeds in this category are all suitable for outdoor cultivation and will ensure the right conditions for healthy plants with large buds with a taste like nature intended.

Sunlight is the strongest light source

Marijuana originated outside in the wild and has evolved under the sun and will therefore also give the original taste and effect as it originated. Most cannabis strains nowadays are made for indoor cultivation and have experienced their own evolution, seeds growers have adjusted the strains to the wishes of human consumption. Most of these species can also be grown outside permitted that the right climate for the specific cannabis plant is taken into account.

Below an overview of the different climate types subdivided in colours.

Which type of cannabis to choose in which climate?

It is important to know which marijuana plant you can use in your climate conditions, choosing the right strain is crucial for the success of your cannabis harvest. Cannabis strains that are used to a dry and warm climate will perform poorly in a cooler and humid climate and vice versa.

Below an overview of the different climate types subdivided in colours.

  • Tropical climat
  • Dry climat
  • Humid climate
  • Cold climate
  • Arctic climate

Growing cannabis in cool humid regions

Large parts of Europe and America have to deal with this climate and are therefore very limited in the choice of cannabis varieties offered. Strains with a short flowering time are highly recommended to ensure that the plants will ready in time for harvesting before winter.

For these areas, autoflowering plants are the best choice since they are not dependent on the number of light hours that will allow the plants to flower earlier than their photoperiod dependent counterparts.

Growing cannabis in dry and hot climate

Cannabis plants feel great in this climate and under this sun you can grow and flower almost all marijuana strains. Preference is given to plants with Indica dominant properties since these plants originated under these conditions and will therefore flourish under the great force of the sun. If you want to harvest several times a year, you can use the autoflower seeds for this.

Growing cannabis in a tropical climate

Sativa dominant plants originated in a tropical climate and through thousands of years of evolution are optimally resistant to intense heat often in combination with a relatively high humidity in the air. This combination of heat and humidity can cause bud rot or hostile fungi, making the buds of a sativa plant longer and less compact as their Indica counterparts. Hybrids, Sativa dominant hybrids and Sativas can be used in these regions of the world and will perform optimally here.

Growing cannabis in a cold climate

In the colder climates it is difficult to bring an outdoor type to a successful conclusion without the use of an autoflowering type. The short days in combination with colder temperatures make it difficult for a regular outdoor species to flower well.