High THC strains in sanniesshop are some of the strongest on the cannabis market

High THC

Cannabis buds with a high THC percentage

Sanniesshop high THC collection: Experience the absolute best in the area of high THC content strains. This category only contains extremely high THC strains from 21% and up. High THC strains are sought after for their high effect and enlightment of the head. These high thc seeds are not suitable for the novice stoner, but all the better for the accustomed cannabis smoker.


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What is THC ?

THC is the abbreviation of tetrahydrocannabinol and the active substance that causes the High of cannabis.

What does THC do ?

THC receptors are concentrated in the brain areas related to pleasure, memory, thoughts, coordination and time experience. The human body also has cannabinoid receptors that can provide pain relief in medical conditions. The active ingredient THC can provide an appetite stimulating effect which can help a medical indication when the appetite has decreased due to, for example, medication.

Energtic high effect

The more THC is present, the stronger the effect will be and the more it is used the stronger the effect will be. The THC high depends on the total cannabinoid profile and can vary enormously per plant or strain even if they have the same THC percentages. High THC species are often used for patients with eating disorders such as anorexia and mental disorders like as depression and anxiety attacks.

Strong plant selections for high THC percentages

Sannie and breeders find it very important to find plants that excel in certain properties such as a high THC content. These plants are used to create and secure a next generation. By using plants that have a high THC percentage and cross them together, we ensure a progeny that have a high or sometimes even higher THC% than their parents.

Sannie the Sativa lover

It is generally known that Sannie is a great lover of sativa dominant plants which naturally have a higher THC percentage than their Indica counterparts and through years of selections and crosses we have developed a number of strain that are among the highest THC species in the world. Passion, skill and a lot of time and energy created a category of strains that is unparalleled.