Beginner cannabis seeds for the grower that looks for easy to growing plants with strong yield and big buds


Cannabis seeds for the starting cannabis grower

If you've just started growing cannabis, here you can find the seeds that will provide thriving, easy to grow plants. Marijuana strains that are resistant to minor mistakes and will give a good harvest relatively. Growing cannabis plants will improve with each time finish a breeding, but all beginnings are difficult which is why we help you to find the right seeds.

Beginner seeds

Cannabis seeds for the starting grower so you can be sure you will have the right genetics and achieve optimal results. Genetics plays an important role in the stability of the plants and Sanniesshop has a wide choice of cannabis strains that give the same type of plants and are easy to maintain and care for.

What to look for when purchasing

If you have a space with little height you could decide to purchase an indica-dominant species because indica plants will not grow as high, please note that at least 9 plants should be placed on 1 square meter. If you prefer to grow Sativa type plants you could decide to use a screen or green design, this means that all the tops above the hung net will be tied to the net. This creates a uniform predetermined height of the buds.

If you have more height at your disposal then you could opt for a hybrid plant, here too an optimal of 9 plants per m2. Less plants on this surface will provide larger and therefore higher plants that can have a quite explosive growth. If you don’t have much experience with this type of plants we would advise to place Sativas and sativa-dominant hybrids in a scrog setup.

Plant nutrition need

Not all marijuana species can handle a poorly controlled diet equally well, some species can give all sorts of problems if the medium in which the roots are not properly settled. Because of this we would advise to grow on soil and to deal with this in an organic way of thinking, this makes growing plants easier after which you can start thinking about growing more difficult strains.